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Celebrating and Connecting at LVEA!

Today was an extraordinary day of celebration and connection at the Las Vegas Executive Association (LVEA). Our new President, officers, and incoming board of directors were officially installed, marking a significant milestone for our esteemed group. But what made this day truly exceptional was the delightful twist that our new president brought to the table.

Instead of the usual luncheon, we chose to celebrate by bringing together all past presidents of LVEA. This inclusive approach created a unique opportunity for our members to reconnect with the leaders who have shaped our association over the years. It was a heartwarming moment to see the familiar faces of those who have paved the way for our success.

Among these respected past presidents was none other than my incredible father, Steve Rands. Having him by my side, mingling with old friends and meeting my colleagues, added a layer of joy to the event. It was a proud moment for me to introduce him to my world and witness the enduring connections fostered by LVEA.

As one of the incoming board of director members, I couldn’t have asked for a more special moment. The compliments I received about my father and the overwhelming support from everyone in attendance filled my heart with gratitude. This day was made even more memorable by the tireless efforts of our Executive Director, Deana Linderholm, whom I would like to extend a special mention of thanks to.

Today served as a beautiful reminder of the essence of LVEA – the power of connections that last a lifetime. Let’s continue to grow and foster these connections, as they are the foundation of our association’s success.

Deana Linderholm Las Vegas Executives Association